We Do Custom Sizing!

Sketching The process of creating a garment starts with sketching. The first thing Oleksandra focuses on is the silhouette - it has to be comfortable for any occasion,  from walking in the park with family and friends to working at the office, what we like to call "casual chic."

Fabric selection Oleksandra selects fabric very thoughtfully. It has to be high quality and breathable. Durability and comfort are important in everyday life. From there, we try to select fabrics that don't wrink easily that makes them easy-to-wear. We aim for 100% cotton and 100% wool, sustainable fabrics that last a lifetime. Since we focus on selecting unique prints and textures, we buy fabrics in small batches, reducing waste and producing unique made-to-order pieces, which makes them one of a kind. 

Sourcing  We believe it's important to be kind to our environment and responsible with our resources. Twenty percent of world's industrial waste pollution is caused by the fashion industry and tons of toxic chemicals are used to produce new textiles. For our designs we don't produce new textiles, we use premium deadstock fabric sourced from US, Italy, Britain and India. Deadstock fabrics are the left over fabrics of other fashion houses who overestimated their needs. We upcycle this fabric and make beautiful garments out of it. Doing this we reduce waste and negative impact on environment.

Pattern Making Next step is pattern making. Oleksandra does the pattern making on her own. This requires a lot of precision because a perfect pattern means a perfect fit.

Sampling Once the pattern is ready and the fabric is selected we do a sample piece. Oleksandra personally tests it, making sure everything fits as expected, and all of the criterias are met.

Construction Every piece is handcrafted. We sacrifice speed for precision so every piece comes out perfect. All of our items are made to order, which means we offer a wide range of sizes. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we strive to reduce waste by making the piece when the order is placed.

Photoshoot Next step is adding products to the website. All of our pictures are taken by Anna Hoychuk. She makes sure that the customer sees the garment from every angle and highlights the details. 

Packaging While packing the order, we include fabric information and care instructions along with the garment.

Shipping Since most of our garments are made to order, the piece will be made when the order is placed. It takes 10-12 business days (unless otherwise mentioned in product description) for an item to be produced and it will be shipped at that time. We offer free domestic shipping and free returns.