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While the whole world seems to be switching to working remotely, we've been debating whether creating a WFH (work from home) wardrobe is essential or it's just a current trend. 

Before the whole pandemic thing many of us used to wear simple things that are comfortable at home. But now when basically our work environment has moved to our houses we ask ourselves a question - do we need a proper wardrobe for all the online meetings? Probably yes, but not as formal as the office one. Because apart from doing our jobs many of us are homeschooling, cooking constantly, trying to keep the house clean and even gardening. 

So the ultimate work from home outfit would be the one that looks put together, easy to wear (not too tight and doesn't wrinkle too much) and of course comfortable. For me it's an oversize shirt and a pair of leggings or a plain T-Shirt with shorts

What have you been wearing lately while working remotely? Or do you have any ideas to suggest? Please share in comments!


May 28, 2020 by Oleksandra Baukh

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