The first question that comes to our mind when packing is how to pack less and still have enough options to wear. Here’s my shortcut to packing the right way: how to minimize your load and pack what you need on a beach trip or a business trip.

  • Pack garments that you can easily mix-and-match. It's always a great idea to bring clothing that can be styled in different ways to create a whole new look. A great example is a shirt dress - it can be worn as a stand alone piece and easily styled as a tunic over the pair of pants or worn as a cardigan over a t-shirt and your choice of bottoms. Like Agate Shirt Dress or Mariette Dress;
  • Bring a perfect fitting pair of pants that can be easily washed and dried. A great example is a pair of linen pants - they dry very quickly and can be spot cleaned! And you won't need to use an iron if you hang of lay flat to dry them. Did you also know that the fast way to get rid of the wrinkles is to spray some water on the garment and let it hang/lay flat to dry?  Check our Zoe pants here they can be custom sized according to you measurements!
  • Bring a shirt that goes with everything! Our suggestion is Sophie Blouse sewn in cotton/rayon and Lydie Blouse sewn in cotton voile;
  • Pack a casual jacket. For most trips you will only need one jacket that can be styled in different ways, just pick the color that goes with everything like our Jaklyn jacket in beige. Tip: to avoid wrinkles roll your clothes instead of folding them.
  • Depending on your destination you might need a pair of shorts that are not too short like the ones for the beach but still can be worn if it's hot outside. Check our Zoe shorts here.
  • Shoes: for short term trips two pairs of shoes are enough! The main rule here is to bring shoes that you've worn before and you know they are comfortable (I've made a mistake before when I brought a brand new pair of shoes with me and struggled the whole trip!). I would suggest packing sneakers (can be styled with both pants and dresses) and depending on the weather comfortable booties or mules/sandals.
  • Accessories: less is more! One hat that can be styled with any outfit (straw or bucket hat), a little scarf or bandana to brighten up the look and your favorite jewelry set: earrings, bracelets and a little necklace that you wear all the time because you know it works! 

Tip: try your outfits before you pack them to make sure everything fits as you expect and to avoid bringing the looks that you don't like. We've all made a mistake in the past of packing too many clothes and ending up wearing just one look on repeat!

I hope my little guide helps you pack your suitcase for your next trip. If you have other tips to share please comment below!

April 09, 2019 by Oleksandra Baukh

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