4 years ago I launched BAUH Designs - Seattle based small batch clothing brand. With the marketing background and a deep love for fashion I created a space to express my artistry. 

My belief was (and it still is) that an artist, a clothing designer has to learn everything from scratch: sewing, pattern making, fabric selection and how to work with different types of shapes and textures. A clothing designer is the one who can actually run a piece of fabric through the sewing machine! Can you imagine a chef that doesn't know how to cook?

So this is basically what I was doing for a few years before launching my brand: practicing, cutting, sewing, pattern making, taking courses, educating myself.

I am interested in fashion that adapts to different body types, not to the standard sizing chart that every retailer has. I am interested in a collaboration between a client and a designer, and a unique product that is born from this collaboration. A more personal experience. Creating a piece of art, not a disposable product.

However, I launched a business which has a little to do with creative expression. During these four years I faced many business related constraints and was more a small business owner, than an artist. 

Though I was a part of slow fashion I was always feeling rushed. Rushed to release new collections to attract more customers, rushed to create and post content to attract likes and followers, rushed to sacrifice my dreams and to make hard decisions to keep my business afloat. In the midst of all the hurry the idea of personal, custom experience was lost. I still did a lot of custom orders, but I didn't have enough time to develop my art into something bigger than just a clothing website.


With all the work that I have done, talented people I've collaborated with and my supportive followers and customers I'm moving to a new phase, completely changing the current format. In short, I'm coming back to the idea I started with - the desire of self expression, the personal experience of custom made and collaboration, more inclusive and diverse. I'm moving away from the 'clothing brand' title.

More details will be coming soon and I'm very thankful to you for sticking with me during this transition. All the announcements and updates will be made via newsletter and our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Like with many other life-changing decision I made in the past, I'm very excited about this one and I hope you will be excited for me too!

All current made-to-order products will be available for order until the end of July 2020. I will also do a big Sample Sale that will be available on the website until everything sells out. To get a notification when the Sample Sale goes live please subscribe to our newsletter.

I'm very grateful for your continuous support!

June 14, 2020 by Oleksandra Baukh

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