Oui, Paris! Bonjour!

This week, I’m visiting Paris and it really, truly is everything I wished that it would be. Parisians only work 4 days a week and take their time while eating their meals (no, for reals, take their time). One time, I spent 2.5 hours at a restaurant going through the motions. You take your time conversing with your partner or friends about your day, what’s happening in the world, and really savor your meal. Maybe this is the reason why there is so much leisure and effortless style not only in their clothing but in their demeanor. They seem healthier and happier.

Today, I ran around town with BAUH Designs stripe shirt - Lydie Blouse. We went to Musée du Louvre, which was an overall amazing emotional, cultural, and mental experience. Since I’m in Paris, I decided to mix and match a little with the shirt. Since it’s such a comfortable shirt, I thought I would tie it to make it cinched on the waist, show a little skin (because it’s hot here). I coupled it with this black vegan leather skirt I made a while ago. I did wear Kat Maconie booties out of the house, but it was definitely too much to walk in. Now, I know why people here wear tennis shoes everywhere. So, tomorrow, I’m going to go shop for one (poor me, sike!) #moreexcusesforshopping

I have so exciting things planned for days ahead so you will hear from me soon enough! I’ll share all the best restaurants and places to get your macaroons! I’ve made a new friend and her name is Paris! She’s strong, independent, and effortlessly beautiful. I hope you can visit her one day :)

Au revoir!

June 16, 2017 by Crystal Anguay Reed

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