Ciao from Rome! 

I'm traveling around this Summer and I just got back from Rome! I wanted to share my favorites and least favorites from my travels but first, can we talk about how hot it is in Seattle and in Rome?

The heat is almost unbearable, but I've got couple of solutions for you to "keep it cool" and it all starts with GELATO, but outfits are important too. 

In Rome, my days were mostly spent at the night markets, visiting museums, and OF COURSE eating a lot of pasta, pizza, and bread! I was out and about constantly so I needed to wear something that I can move in, eat a lot in, and something SUPER breath-able (I'm seriously not kidding that it's super hot in Rome). 

I've worn this dress here in Seattle, but I don't think I truly appreciated it's versatility. In the time I was in Rome, I wore this dress more than I would like to admit because it was so breathable and airy. The fact that it's a shirt dress and it flares out really gives you that air that you need between your clothes when it's so sticky out! 

Pink Floral Shirt Dress

Pink Floral Shirt Dress

Additionally, it was really comfortable around my arms. I do feel very self-conscious sometimes about my arms when it's hot out because everything just STICKS to you, but in this dress, I felt really mobile!

Pink Floral Shirt Dress

Pink Floral Shirt Dress

I styled it with these bright pink shoes from Paris and my Chanel bag from Rome, and it was a perfect millennial pink outfit! I will share my travel faves soon, but in the meantime try this look and let me know how it went!

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Ciao, until next time! :) 

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