Let's face it - summer time in Seattle is not about sunshine all the time. Pretty often, we have to bear with the rain and chilly weather when it’s supposed to be summer. In Seattle, mornings are a bit chilly, sometimes rainy and afternoons seems to be a little bit brighter. My #summergoals are to be versatile in my clothing and keep a cardigan or two on hand.

When it comes to the cardigans, I go for oversized silhouettes, the one with the chunky knit texture, that I can easily throw on with any outfit. Plus, it’s so big and soft because coziness and comfort is a MUST! As you know, I love playing with feminine styles, so often times I pair my cozy sweaters with silk tops! It’s definitely my go-to-look for everyday comfort. What’s your favorite comfort clothing?

Featuring Celeste Silk Top and Beige Wool Knit Cocoon Cardigan

Cocoon knit cardiganCocoon wool knit beige cardigan

June 09, 2017 by Oleksandra Baukh

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