Oleksandra is wearing Oversize Striped Blouse here

Founder and Designer of BAUH Designs sits down with designer and blogger Crystal Reed from Anguay Reed Designs to talk about how Oleksandra started designing and her craftsmanship.

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Crystal: How + when did you start designing?

Oleksandra: I started designing when I left my marketing position in Ukraine and came to the US. I was shopping as usual and couldn’t find quality chic garments that is also comfortable to wear and that will last longer than one season. Because I was struggling to find something nice, I decided to just make my own clothes. I bought my very first, simple sewing machine from Amazon, some fabric at JoAnne Fabrics and made the first garment - a skirt was born!

I wore it to a party and made lots of friends because of the skirt. So I decided to take up on this endeavor. I taught myself by buying patterns and eventually learned enough to make my own patterns. I practiced on my friends, family and it took me about 4 years to gain some experience.

Crystal: What are your inspirations? Who is your favorite designer or artist?

Oleksandra: I am inspired by regular women in the street, so I love sitting in cafes and going out on a walk. I always think about how can I improve what women wear and how they can feel more comfortable in the clothes they are in - something beautiful, that are easy to wear.

My idol is Gabrielle Chanel, she had a really good idea behind her clothes - she wanted to make women feel comfortable and she brought the pants, jersey suits, tweed jackets to the world. When she was leading in Chanel and she made things that didn’t cost a fortune. She made faux pearls bc regular women wanted to wear it, which is also my main inspiration - making garments that doesn’t have a crazy price, but is super high quality.

Crystal: Your site talks about ethically made, tell me more about it.

Oleksandra: First of all, my main focus is being kind to the environment. We buy premium deadstock fabrics from other fashion houses that over estimated their needs and made more than they can sew. Buying the leftover fabrics + upcycling them to beautiful garments help reduce waste in the world.

Crystal: You’ve said to me before that your garments have to be “perfect” for your customer. Tell me more about what “perfect” means to you and what does producing a garment look like?

Oleksandra: High quality garment is an investment. Everything is handmade because we can be more precise with construction and the garment is higher quality than factory made items. I believe when you invest in my clothing, you deserve the best. This is something you can wear for many years. 

    • Pattern and Testing - we are precise with our pattern making and it takes time to create a pattern. We make a sample garment to test how comfortable and durable it is.
    • Choosing fabric - I usually choose 100% cotton or 100% wool. I find those have high fabric quality. Also, it has to be durable and I usually want something that doesn’t wrinkle easily so you can wear it in your everyday life. You want to be able to ‘put it on and be on the go.’
    • Size ranges - We want to  make sizes for all women of all figures so we offer many different sizes.
    • Customer Service - We’ve been offering free alterations. If you want it short or longer - you can send it over to us and we can do it for free or you can put your measurements while placing the order. We decided to offer that on the website so that women don’t have to go back and forth to the tailor and spend lots of time on that.
    • See more here.

Crystal: Any highlight about your store?

Main mission is to provide comfortable shopping experience to my customers. I want people to be happy with their purchase.

Photos and article by Crystal Reed from Anguay Reed Designs

Small batch casual chic clothing handmade for every woman. Sustainably made in Seattle.

Oleksandra is wearing Oversize Striped Blouse here

April 04, 2017 by Oleksandra Baukh

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