Since the launch of BAUH designs I was pursuing the idea to provide comfortable online shopping experience for women. Before having my own brand I had a tough time finding garments online that fit perfectly or spending lots of time and money on tailoring.

I don't have a standard body shape. I'm tall with broad shoulders. So when it comes to shopping at mass production clothing stores, the piece is either short on me or too loose in chest area and too tight in shoulders. I hated that feeling when I found "that perfect dress" and upon its arrival it didn't fit me the way I expected. So I had to spend time and money on adjusting the hem or sleeves. 

As you can read in my story  when I was learning pattern making and sewing I started with creating custom garments for my family and friends. I gained a lot of experience during that time because I didn't just refer to a standard size chart, I was making clothes for women whose body types are so different. It taught me how to make garments that flatter different types of figures.

I know that every woman is unique! Our bodies are so different that it's just impossible to create a Sizing Chart that will fit all body types! So my goal was to create a platform where a woman can request an alteration like hem and sleeve adjustments or include specific measurements while placing an order. At BAUH designs you can do it at no additional charge.

Like any other online store we have a standard Sizing Chart that you can refer to. If you feel that you need an alteration you can request it when putting an order or send us an email at

You can request an alteration on any item from our Spring/Summer 17 collection and all other collections as well. 

To make your online shopping experience even more comfortable we also offer free domestic shipping and free returns, you can check more details on our return policy here. It is important to me that you are happy with your purchase!

My goal as a designer is to make a staple piece for your wardrobe that will last a lifetime!

March 19, 2017 by Oleksandra Baukh

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