oversize striped blouse

Oversize Striped Blouse captured here

There are certain items every woman’s wardrobe should have. You don’t have to have a stuffy walk-in closet that's loaded with all the trendiest clothes, shoes, and accessories in order to be "relevant". All you really need are the staple pieces and accessories that you can stylishly mix and match. As Coco Chanel said: "Fashion comes and goes, style is forever."

When it comes to choosing the staple pieces they need to be high quality so you can pass them from season to season without losing their shape, look and quality. But how do you check the quality of the garment? Today I will talk about 5 signs of a quality garment.

 1. Fabric. A garment that is worth investing is sewn in durable and breathable material like cotton, silk, wool or linen. The high quality cotton will look even better after you wash it again and again. High quality wool and silk will last a lifetime and it won’t lose its shape. Unfortunately, many department stores sacrifice fabric quality and select cheap textiles for their designs. Doing that they are able to reduce the price of the garment to make it more attractive to the customer. The result? You get a garment that lasts no more than one season. The synthetic fabric that is used to produce the clothing damages after a few washes and you don't want to wear it any more because it looks bad. Additionally, cheap synthetic fabric is not breathable, which makes you sweat while wearing it. Low quality fabric will stretch in areas that you don't want it to stretch and it will fade more quickly.

floral shirt dress

Long Sleeve Floral Shirt Dress captured here

2. Construction. When you invest in handmade garment you will see a big difference. Products sewn by hand look differently - there is more attention to detail, like even stitch length and straight stitch lines. Inspect the garment carefully when looking for quality clothing, it should be as polished outside as inside.

3. Lining. Not every garment has to be lined, but outerwear pieces like coats, jackets, wool dresses and skirts should be. In case of coats and jackets the lining helps those keep its shape and make the fit better. For dresses, skirts and trousers lining is optional, depending on how the main fabric feels to the touch. When inspecting the lining you expect it to be as polished as the shell of the garment. The fabric for the lining may differ. It can be sewn in a luxury material like silk or a slightly more simple - cotton, acetate or jersey for stretchy garments. Just avoid synthetic linings, like polyester, rayon, nylon - they will keep you hot because they are not breathable.

small batch casual chic clothing, handmade for the every woman. Blue trench coat

Sky Blue Trench Coat captured here

4. Check the label. Not only the label will have all the info about fabric and origin of the garment, it may also tell me how the item was made, handmade or factory made for example. Also many designers include their website on the labels. Go ahead and check their website, many emerging designers have a very exciting story to tell, they also share their manufacturing process, fabric sourcing and inspiration behind every piece. 

4. Price. A high quality garment is an investment. They might cost a little bit more than your department store garment, but they will last 10x more than what you will find in generic stores. To construct a simple dress a professional seamstress spends about 5 hours, outerwear piece like fully lined coat will take up to 15 hours. On top of that it will take time to create a pattern which need a lot of precision. Such investment will give you a piece in your closet that will glow with quality on and off of the hanger.

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April 18, 2017 by Oleksandra Baukh

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