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Thoughtfully Designed, Ethically Made

BAUH designs is the small batch clothing brand handmade for every woman. Sustainably made in Seattle with the focus on high quality fabrics, unique textures, modern silhouettes, comfortable fit and precise construction. 


Our Perfect Summer Outfit

When it comes to choosing a summer outfit do you go for a simple or a layered look? Here in Seattle we always need some layer, because it gets hot only occasionally, while most of the days the temperature stays below 75F. But when the hot summer days arrive (usually mid July) or if planning a trip to warmer states like California or Hawaii we prefer to wear simple outfits, like cute tops and comfy bottoms.

July 11, 2018 by Oleksandra Baukh

How to Incorporate Waistcoat into Summer Wardrobe

It is always nice to have some pieces in wardrobe that can be easily transitioned through the seasons. One of them is your favorite waistcoat, freshen it up by throwing a blouse or a lightweight dress underneath for a fun summer outing or put a waistcoat over a light sweater to add warmth.

May 23, 2018 by Oleksandra Baukh

New In: Maternity Dresses for Summer

I find that pregnancy itself is a beautiful experience for women. As I'm pregnant with my second baby I decided to design some maternity clothing for myself. After I tested them and felt how comfortable these dresses are I thought they would be a nice addition to our summer collection. 

May 16, 2018 by Oleksandra Baukh

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